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The training program is for new authors or editors.

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Thank you for your interest in working with us. We have four primary areas:
writing, grammar editing, technical editing and web programming.

If you join our team, you will be part of a dynamic project and help revolutionize medical education and improve medical access worldwide. In addition, you will gain valuable experience, including telecommuting, various computer programs, and non-profit work.

You may read the descriptions below for more information. Note that each requires rigorous screening of applicants.

Flashcard Authors

If you want to write for us, your job will be to go through medical books and reduce complex medical information to simple flashcards comprehensible at a tenth-grade reading level. You will not be required to work with images, but you can maximize your pay if you are willing to create your own medical graphics or use images from our educational resources. All writers must have experience in medical or science writing.

Grammar Editors

As a grammar editor, you will be responsible for proofreading flashcards. Most of your job will consist of finding errors and providing feedback to flashcard authors. You will also make corrections, but we emphasize feedback to the authors so the authors can improve.

Technical Editors

If you want to do technical editing, you must have at least four years of medical school. Your task will be to read flashcards and find technical errors, such as incomplete medical definitions, inappropriate use of images, and inaccurate information.

Graphic Designers

Our graphic designers are primarily responsible for creating medical images and diagrams, as well as working with existing images. This includes converting file formats, reducing file size, resizing images, altering image appearance, inserting and removing labels, and other tasks. If you want to do this, you will be working mostly on providing images for existing flashcards. You won't need to worry about writing, because our authors will supply the text. In addition to your application, you will also need to submit a sample of your past work and pass our screening test.

Web Designers

We are actively seeking people with experience in webpage layout. If you want to be a web designer for us, you must know HTML, have strong graphics knowledge and skills, and be able to integrate graphics and visual appeal into HTML and the layout of a webpage. When you apply, we will request samples of your past work. In addition, we have a small screening test you will need to take.

Web Programmers

We are always revising and expanding our online system. It runs on a database design, and we have a master programmer responsible for building the database and its functions. If you have experience in this area and wish to work for us, you would assist our programmer in debugging, beta testing, maintenance and other routine tasks. Requirements for this position include references, successful completion of a screening test, and an interview with our programmer.


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