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Rules: Guidelines for flashcard authors and editors.

Orientation Videos: The first of the author orientation videos are available. Click the link to watch them.

Staff welcome page: Read a list of our procedures.

Contact: Contact information for administrative concerns, course content, and technical support.

Teleconferencing: Instructions for using audio/video teleconferencing over the Internet with other staff members.

What’s New: Recent changes or additions to World Health Medical School.

Bug Report: Help us refine our software by reporting any bugs you encounter.

Register: Fill out a brief form and get a username and password so you can view flashcards and use our online program. We have developed a quick video you can watch that will explain registration, account activation, logging in, and logging out. The video uses flash format, and will play in full screen. There are video controls at the bottom of the screen. It will close automatically at the end. To watch this registration video, please click here.

AMA Style Help: Download a freeware summary of the AMA Style Guide's common rules.

User Page: Access staff areas such as options and account.

Wordlists: Links and instructions for obtaining extensive wordlists that you may add to your word processor.

Flashcards: Takes you to the last viewed flashcard. If this is your first use of the program, this link will take you to a list of schools.

Style Guide: Special grammatical rules for flashcards.

Medical School: A list of medical subjects where you can view flashcards.

Training Program: Learn about writing flashcards.

Content Management: Access staff functions such as the flashcard editor, the test editor, the flashcard upload screen and containers.

Subject List: View a list of medical subjects in our curriculum.

Flashcard Topics: I
nformation for flashcard authors, editors, and image specialists. Guidelines for flashcard writing, grammar, delimiters, invoicing, taxes, common problems, image resources and tutorials.

Payment: Schedule of payment for different types of flashcards.

Editors: Pages to assist editors.

Exam Series: Screening and training tests for new and existing flashcard staff.

EDD labor fact sheet: Download a fact sheet about independent contractors under California state law.


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