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Hello, and thank you for visiting. We offer free registration and access to our curriculum. After you register, you may begin exploring the site to its fullest. To get a better idea of how to register, please watch our video.

It will explain registration, account activation, logging in, and logging out. The video uses flash format. This page will close and the video will play in a window. There are video controls at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to see the controls. The movie will close automatically at the end.

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We employ a method of accelerated learning that bypasses books, classrooms, and lectures while teaching all factual information a student must know to become a doctor. This site teaches the student how to employ accelerated learning and presents the evidence for its success. But we take it several steps further. Complex medical information is predigestedbroken down into its smallest component fact units or "fragments." Every technical term is defined. Difficult terms are pronounced audibly. The information is presented in a question-and-answer format.

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Learning by this manner is an active process because the student is constantly being challenged by a question. When a fragment is mastered, it is removed from the question pool. The program tracks the status of every information fragment, numbering in the millions, for every student. Since we want to give students a head start and encourage them to study medicine early, our beginning questions are geared to a tenth-grade level of education.

We supplement our online program with field work in hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, research laboratories, clinical laboratories, and partner medical schools with our preceptor program, through which students have the opportunity to study under skilled professionals. The preceptor program is mutually beneficial, as the professional receives apprentices who assist with many routine tasks, such as taking patient histories.

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The best way to learn about our method of accelerated learning is to try it for yourself. The first step is to register. If you have not already registered, click on the registration link at the left and complete a simple form. Then explore this site by clicking on any link.

Our information is categorized under Schools. Within Schools are Terms; within Terms are Subjects; within Subjects are Topics; within Topics are Subtopics; within Subtopics are Flashcards, each of which are designed to teach the student a bit of information. Every page that you encounter has a "help" link or button that reveals an explanation of the page. Glance over the page, then click the "help" link to learn the details.

Please click on the links at the left for more information, and thanks again for your interest. 


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