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Welcome USC students

Typical paper flashcards have been used repeatedly in the past and are excellent for memorizing or reinforcing knowledge. Our flashcards transcend the limitations of the old paper system and take the next logical step. Rather than using paper cards, handwritten or otherwise, our flashcards are done entirely with computers and stored in our online database. You may view all of them with our flashcard viewer, which stores your results and tracks your progress.

It works with the same principles that conventional flashcards use. Just like when shuffling though a pile of paper cards and selecting one flashcard, you will see a question and attempt to answer it in your mind. Sometimes the answer is a unique word, sometimes it is one of several words, and sometimes it is an idea which can be expressed by a variety of words. You turn the card over to see the answer and how close you came to answering correctly. In the end, you are the final judge of whether or not you understand the concept. You will likely want to study each flashcard several times before you are confident that you know it. This is a normal part of the accelerated learning process. Most people review each flashcard multiple times before they have it down cold. Our dynamic flashcard viewer allows for vast flexibility in how you'd like to study. Go through the flashcards once in the prescribed order, and then randomize them in the options section. Some of the questions are asked forwards and backwards in close proximity but you can separate them by randomizing them.

Getting Started

1. The first step is to register on the site. This is a typical registration process with a simple, one-page form and a confirmation email. Click here to visit the registration page. 
Once you do this, our server will recognize you as an individual student, and will remember your progress with every single flashcard that you have worked with.

2. Although we have a wide range of publicly accessible subjects in various stages of completion, you will be studying the USC module. The subject is neoplasia, which has several subtopics in it. Each subtopic has approximately 100 flashcards. After you have registered, you may see the neoplasia webpage and select a subtopic to study. Click any of the subtopics to get started. We suggest you start with Neoplasia 1.
Click here to visit the neoplasia page.

3. After you've selected a subtopic, you'll see the first flashcard in it. You will be presented with the question side of the flashcard. Try to answer the question mentally. Then click Show Answer to see the other "side" of the flashcard with the answer. At this point the dynamic flexibility of our system allows you several choices.
--When you mark a flashcard as "Incorrect" you will see it again after you have studied the entire subtopic and started it again.
--You won't see any of the cards you marked as "Correct; never show again."
--Cards you've marked as "Correct; show again after 1 day" will appear if you study the subtopic one day or more after you've studied all cards in the subtopic. The review times are customizable by you in the options section. If you want to review a flashcard in a period less than one day, simply mark yourself wrong for that flashcard.

4. When you finish a subtopic, you have the option to "reset" it, allowing you to see ALL cards in it when you start it over.

5. To see another subtopic, return to the neoplasia page and make your selection. As with the first subtopic, you'll again see the first flashcard in the subtopic.

6. At any time while studying a subtopic, you may browse the list of all flashcards rather than answering each card sequentially. To see a list of flashcards, select Browse Flashcards. This link appears at the left of each flashcard.

7. To turn the audio learning enhancement on and off, click the Superlearning button. It appears at the left of each flashcard.

8. This system is at "living" teaching tool. There is always room for improvement. Every flashcard and every web page has a feedback link that is tied to that flashcard or web page. When we receive the feedback we know what flashcard or web page it originated from. Please use this system freely. Try to be specific in your questions or comments. We provide a rapid turnaround technical support. E-mail us at  


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